At POG2C Lab & Training Centre, Environment Applied Research Project (EARP) focuses on an issue related to economic development and/or innovation linked to any sustainable project carried on either internally or by our Clients.


We permanently engage into research projects to establish new techniques, methods, technologies and standards for our client’s specific product lines or industry. We keep on developing internal capabilities, both human and technological, to remain on the leading edge of our industry with one unique goal: ensuring our clients receive efficient, top-notched and high added-value service.


POG2C delivers an Integrated Service: Consultancy Services, R&D Projects Leadership, Environmental Assessment Support and Experienced Specialists with extensive industry knowledge.

We have a broad range of expertise, from various disciplines and regions worldwide, that allows POG2C covering all parts of the development cycle.

Our business model for the EARP Management enables our Clients to choose the form of collaboration that best suits their needs. We can provide a complete competency platform where our experts truely work as an extension of our Client’s teams, offering flexibility, access to specific industry/field competencies and cost effectiveness.

Any field can be our joint playground;

  • Green/Renewable Energies and Technologies
  • Energy Conservation
  • Recycling Processes
  • Soil Quality and Pollution Control
  • Reduction of Greenhouse effect
  • Air Quality
  • Water Management, Purification and Rehabilitation
  • Waste Management for Balanced Ecosystems
  • Ecolodge Habitat Model
  • And many more

    We strongly believe that today’s R&D expenditures will lead to improved technologies for reducing environmentally harmful emissions.

    The focus is on the following questions;

  • Do we want to be proactive to make protection of environment a key feature of our businesses growth? or do we value a strategy of reaction to fines and taxes risks only?
  • Does a market economy where environmental policies are exclusively restricted to taxes or quotas lead to social performance?
  • How do we turn Environmental Innovations into cost-effective processes to prevent strategic and economical failures?
  • This is in what POG2C is different: We envision your innovation for a sustainable performance.

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