POG2C Lab & Training Centre brings you a world-class expertise when your projects require.

  • Characterization, Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Materials/Chemicals
  • Lab testing in compliance with related-industry best practices, international standards and state-of-the-art
  • Flow Assurance Chemical Solutions combining Identification of Specialties Chemicals and Advanced Technologies, Formulation Expertise and proactive Technical Support
  • Design and Formulation of Fluids for pre-screening or field trials
  • Environmental Compliance & Assurance
  • Validation of Third-party Chemical Analysis

  • Waste water testing
    • On-site and remote sewage treatment monitoring (pH, BOD, COD, TSS, ionic composition and much more)
    • Analysis of wastewater dischargers to meet regulatory effluent limits
    • Testing in accordance with local/international agencies
  • Leachate Analysis
    • Leaching tests as per ASTM of Fast-Track Testing
    • Environmental impact of leachates
    • Physico-chemical analyses of leachate and water piezometers
  • Monitoring of industrial sites
    • Searches for hazardous substances
    • Standing water analysis
    • Air quality testing
    • Contaminated soil testing
  • Drinking Water Testing (Coming soon – FDA accrediation on-going)
    • On-going setup of new business line, along with a new dedicated facility, to offer a full-service drinking water testing
    • Commitment: provide safe and clean drinking water
    • On-going application for FDA-approval
  • On-Call services for Specific Testings and Projects (QA/QC, Production Assurance or Environmental Compliance objectives)
    • Development of innovative testing procedures
    • Analytical Investigations of Process failures
    • Training of Client’s laboratory squads
    • Flow Assurance Testing (pour point, light-scattering, rheology, solids analysis, water chemistry, scale precipitation)


    No company wants to become involved in suspected environmental contamination. If you find yourself in this position, it is likely that you will be required to engage in environmental sampling, both during the investigation itself and also throughout the subsequent remediation.

    POG2C environmental testing service can help with laboratory analysis of surface water, storm water, soil samples or groundwater monitoring wells. We pride ourselves on providing timely and economical test results. POG2C Environmental Assurance comprises;

  • Monitoring and analysis of changes environmental laws and regulations
  • Sound environmental strategy and clean-up decisions, based on measurable and reliable Environmental Analysis, such as Volatile Organic Compounds, Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds, Wet Chemistry, Metals, Microbiology etc.
  • Minimization of the impacts associated with the ban, restriction, or regulation of chemicals and materials needed for Client’s Operations
  • Reformulation or elimination of critical materials when needed
  • Identification and validation of environment technologies needed to reduce environmental impacts through collaboration with governmental agencies and through international
  • Improvement/Enhancement of risk management practices, communication activities, and knowledge sharing

    Neglecting chemical testing for even a short period of time would move your operations from a safe permit-compliant situation into a costly violation. We have experience in a variety of lab testing services, including chemical testing, water sampling, plant discharges, and industrial hygiene.

    Our focus is to monitor closely the limits on behalf of our Clients to;

  • Prevent any discharge violation
  • Handle any issues caused by unexpected changes in the process stream before they become a real problem
  • Provide additional alternatives to get average discharge down to accepted limits

    Many Clients are contracting POG2C to help them in the formulation of fluids solutions based on their chemical technologies to optimize their performance or build professional, field-oriented, recipes as the basis of the commercial pitch. We can do;

  • Chemicals screening through proprietary and/or standardized procedures
  • Formulation of Fluids as per Client’s requests and targeted businesses
  • Fluids testing as per Standards applicable to Client’s targeted businesses
  • Evaluation of Chemicals Performance and Robustness of Recipe(s) according to requirements of targeted businesses
  • Technical Proposal for Development of Protocols and Strategies to effectively penetrate targeted businesses
  • Technical Support for preparation of Commercial and Marketing documentation
  • Contracts’ Facilitation with End-User and Technical Support