Drilling Fluids Chemicals Sourcing & Qualifications (Customer Not Disclosed)

  • QA/QC of incumbent chemicals
  • Support to Drilling Fluids Company set up
  • Confirmation tests on tendered mud recipes
  • Selection of alternative chemicals

Shell Bolivia

  • Exploration Well
  • ITT preparation, evaluation and award
  • Fluids & Cement designs with minimization of Environmental Impact
  • Waste Treatment Processes design


  • Fluids recipes design for ITT compliance
  • Engineering supports

GM Energy, Gabon

  • Identification, prequalification and audit of manufacturers
  • QA/QC of ordered materials/products
  • Coordination of Import-Export Documentation in Compliance with IMDG and Customs Advanced Manifest Standards
  • Requalification of expired materials


  • Reapplication of Oil-recycling Technology from Food to Heavy Industry
  • Definition of Testing and Confirmation Protocols
  • Laboratory Evaluation and Economics for project’s viability